Program Planning

Planning a Program

Below is a suggestive schedule of tasks to plan a program. Your program may not require all steps, but the preparation timeline is recommended for most programs planned by student clubs and organizations. Pay attention to bolded items - they include links to valuable information to guide you in your planning. If you need help planning your program, please contact either or your Student Group Activities Liaison.

Before you start, consider the purpose and mission of your organization. With any event, look to your group’s mission (which can be found in your group’s constitution) to make sure it fits within the scope of the group.

To help ensure your event is accessible to all, check out the Center for Student Support and Care's Inclusive Event Design Checklist.

Note the below when choosing your event dates:

  • No programming can occur on Study/Reading Days and Finals Days. These days are reserved for academics. The last day to hold an event is the last day of classes each semester.
    • All student group activities and events should happen on or before this date.
    • Reimbursements will not be processed for events that take place after this date.

*Remeber: Not all items listed below may apply to all events you plan.

5 Weeks Prior to Event

  • Set Goals
    • Make clear achievable objectives for events that your student group hosts.
    • Always ensure that the programming you put on embodies the purpose of your student group.
  • Identify Target Audience
  • Arrange Committees
  • Brainstorm Publicity Ideas
  • Make Contact with Booking Agent

4 Weeks Prior

  • Complete NDCentral Event Submission
    • You can find more detailed instructions on creating and managing events within NDCentral here.
    • If your event includes risky activities, your AL will provide waivers for all participants to sign. These will be provided to you prior to your event.
    • If you plan to include children in your event, please contact either or your Student Group Activities Liaison. A separate event registration will be necessary, along with a waiver that must be signed by the child’s guardian, so allow ample time for this.
  • Reserve Rooms and Rain Location (for ideas on locations and how to reserve them, click here)
  • Work with SAO to Request Contract(s)
  • Assess Equipment / Technical Requirements

3 Weeks Prior

  • Submit Signed Contract to the Student Activities Office
  • Confirm Credit Card Terminal and/or Cash Advance Request with Student Union Bookkeeper
  • Confirm Equipment / Technical Requirements

2 Weeks Prior

  • Re-read Contracts and Contract Riders
  • Begin Advertising
  • Begin Ticket Sales: You can use Student Shop, LaFortune Box Office, or Reserve Tabling Space through your NDCentral Event Submission

1 Week Prior

  • Advertising Push: Newspaper, Radio, Buttons, Posters, Fliers, etc.
  • Confirm Needs with Venue
  • Confirm Volunteer Crew
  • Re-read Contracts and Contract Riders
  • Confirm Payment Readiness

Day Before

  • Prepare Welcome / Introduction
  • Review Day of Event Timeline

Day of Event

  • Check in with Venue Staff
  • Check on Set-Up(s)
  • Check on Volunteer Management

After Event and Assessment

  • Clean Up
  • Conduct Immediate Evaluation
  • Write and Send Thank You Messages