At the Student Activities Office (SAO), we oversee the routing process of all contracts on behalf of student groups at the University of Notre Dame. The successful completion of the routing process of a contract takes at least 2 weeks; student groups should make sure to submit their contract(s) for approval at least 2 weeks prior to when they intent to begin advertising their event. 

In this page, you will find information about the types of contracts, tips on how to fill out a contract properly, the contract routing process, and waivers. If you have any questions, please contact SAO by emailing or calling (574) 631-7308 for assistance. 

When do you need a contract?

All student groups looking to book a service, guest speaker, or performer must utilize a University contract which needs to be submitted through SAO prior to final event approval. If you are a student group leader, remember: DO NOT sign contracts yourself. If you do so, your group, or your advisor risk being held responsible for the terms of the contract. 

Types of Contracts:

Depending on the type of service, guest speaker, or performer your student group is planning to work with, you will have to use a specific type of contract or agreement. This section will provide you with the information you need to select the correct template. As always, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us at

Speaker Contracts

Student groups are required to submit a speaker contract if they are planning on inviting a guest speaker to their event, whether they are being paid or not and/or are attending the event in-person or virtually. The only exception for this requirement is a current Notre Dame student, staff, or faculty agreeing to speak for no compensation ($.0.00) at an event. 

  • Speaker Contract 
    Use this contract if your speaker will be participating in your event either in person or virtually, regardless of if they will be receiving compensation for their participation. 

Entertainers, Bands, Performers Contract

For any entertainer (band, comedian, DJ, photographer, etc.) or technical staff (light designer, stage designer, etc.) hired to participate in an event, student groups must submit the Entertainers, Bands, and Performers Contract. A contract must be submitted even if the compensation amount is $.0.00. 

  • If a current University of Notre Dame student is being hired as an entertainer or technical staff for a student group event, please use the Student Contract Services Form instead of the Entertainers, Bands, and Performers Contract. 

Instructors/Team Coaches

A Team Coach Contract must be submitted for Academic or Athletic Club Sports that hire outside individuals to coach their respective team. To access this template, please contact your Activities Liaison

All instructors being hired to work with student groups must complete the Instructor Contract and include CPR certification and insurance with it. If instructing off campus (e.g. at the instructor's studio), CPR certification and insurance are still needed. 

Venue Agreements, Charter Buses, and Public Performance Licenses 

Venues with Master Agreements on File with the Student Activities Office

For events held off-campus restaurants, banquet halls, bowling alleys, retreat centers, etc. that have a Master Agreement on file with the University of Notre Dame or the Student Activities Office, no venue contract is required. However, an invoice for their services for the event must be submitted to SAO. Please reach out to your Activities Liaison or email to get more information or confirm if the venue you are planning to reserve has a Master Agreement as they vary from year to year. 

A contract must be submitted for off-campus restaurants, banquet halls, bowling alleys, retreat centers, etc. that DO NOT have a Master Agreement on file with the University of Notre Dame or the Student Activities Office. 

  • Rental Equipment:
    If you are renting equipment (e.g. tents, stage, microphones, etc.) from Aay's Rent-Alls, please send a copy of the invoice to your Activities Liaison
  • Retreat Centers:
    Please remind the manager of the retreat centers listed bellow that you are with the University of Notre Dame and they need to provide a detail invoice for review when your student group uses their facilities:
    • Camp Eberhart (YMCA of Michiana)
    • Camp Friedenswald
    • Camp Ray Bird
    • Life Action Camp
    • Michiana Christian Service Camp
    • Miracle Camp

Charter Buses

All student groups must use an approved charter bus company for bus trips, no exception. If you are using Cardinal Buses or Royal Excursion, a contract is not needed, but an invoice for their services must be submitted to SAO. A contract is needed from any of the other approved charter bus companies. See the List of Approved Charter Bus Companies for more information. 

Movie, TV, and Play Rights

All student groups are required to purchase and/or obtain the right to show movies and television shows on campus due to federal copyright laws, regardless of the way in which the content is accessed (e.g. Netflix, DVD, or any media platform). Click here and visit the "Public Performance License" section to learn more about how to obtain rights to a movie or TV show at your event. Once your group has obtained the rights, please email a copy of the invoice to Erin Riordan, Assistant Director of Student Involvement at

Contracts and/or fees may be associated with purchasing the rights to perform a play or musical, so plan ahead! 

If you have any questions, contact your Activities Liaison or email us at

Tips for Filling out Contracts Properly

Use these guidelines to fill out your contracts successfully. If you have any questions or would like assistance don't hesitate to reach out to the Student Activities Office by email at, by calling (574) 631-7308, or stopping by 315 LaFortune Student Center. 

  1. Filling out the contract on a computer
    All contract templates are available as fillable PDF documents. All blue/highlighted spaces need to be filled with the appropriate information. if the question or requested information does not apply to your contract, write N/A. Leaving unfilled boxes may result in your contract missing information and thus being sent back for  revisions. 
  2. Be specific
    In the contract, be as specific and detailed as possible, particularly about what type of performance the artist will complete. Make sure to include the type of performance and length (e.g. "one 30 minute juggling performance"). 
  3. Set a flat fee
    The agreed price should be an all inclusive, flat fee. If the person/group would like for your group to pay for travel, account for this in the flat fee so that the agreed upon price is inclusive of airfare, hotel, etc., instead of reimbursing costs. If expenses are to be reimbursed, contact your Activities Liaison for information on how to incorporate these into the contract template. 

The Contract Routing Process

All student groups follow the steps detailed bellow for every event contract. Please keep in mind that the routing process takes at least 2 weeks to complete. To ensure that your contract is routed properly, make sure to submit it at least 2 weeks prior to when you intend to begin advertising your event. 

  1. Submit the "Event Submission Form" in NDCentral for the event. 
  2. Student selects, fills out, and completes the appropriate contract template. 
    A comment will be added to the group's event submission in NDCentral instructing the student group to complete the correct contract template depending on the information provided for their event. 
    *For more information on contract templates, see the Types of Contracts section. 
  3. Student sends the contract to the person/group to review and sign.
    All speakers and performers are required to sign a standard University contract. If they wish to make any changes to the contract, before doing so, contact your Activities Liaison for more information about the necessary approvals to do so. 
  4. Contract is signed and returned to the student group.
    When you receive the document back, check that the person/group signed the contract where indicated and that all pages of the contract have been returned, including those that don't need signatures. Once it has been reviewed and confirmed that all the information is correct, please upload the signed contract to your NDCentral event request. 
  5. Contract is submitted for countersignature from a designated Student Affairs signatory.
    *REMEMBER: Submit the signed contract to the Student Activities Office at least 2 weeks prior to when you intend to begin advertising your event for it to be processed on time!
  6. Update the contract payment processing details (if applicable).
    For all completed contracts submitted through SAO, payment will automatically be processed within 2 weeks of the scheduled event date. If your event did not happen and/or your payment needs to be canceled, you must email within 7 days of the scheduled event date. In your email, provide the club name, event date, information for each individual/business contracted for the event that should be canceled, and a brief description as to why (e.g. "the performer did not show up"). Please write "CONTRACT NO PAY" in the email subject line. 

    To ensure a smooth payment process, double check that the person/entity being contracted has provided all the necessary information, including an I-9 or W-9 (details of all necessary information are noted in each of the contract templates). 


Student Club Waivers Information

Depending on the nature of your event and/or trip, a waiver may be required. In addition, if your event includes a minor aged child, a waiver signed by his/her parent or guardian may also be required. Please contact SAO by emailing or calling (574) 631-7308 for more information. 

Submitting Waivers for an Event

Once your group has gathered all of the participating members' signed waivers, please have the coordinator of the event turn these all at once to the Student Activities Office in 315 LaFortune Student Center within 3 days of the conclusion of the event. DO NOT email them or turn tem in individually.