If you represent a student group interested in purchasing items for distribution or resale (i.e. giveaways, t-shirts, hoodies, etc.), you must complete the imprinting approval process through the Student Activities Office (SAO). To do this, you are required to fill out an NDCentral Event Submission before ordering and must purchase the merchandise from a University approved licensed vendor

*NOTE: If you are reprinting an item that has been approved outside of the same academic year, a new NDCentral Event Submission must be submitted. 

Here are some popular ideas of items you can imprint:

  • T-shirts
  • Sweatshirts
  • Sweatpants
  • Pens and Pencils
  • Hats and other accessories
  • Trophies
  • Banners
  • CDs (mostly used by performing arts groups)

At SAO, we estimate that the imprinting process, from approval to receiving the merchandise, takes an average of 6 weeks. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to coordinate with your group and communicate any assistance you may need from your vendor or SAO as soon as you can. This will help complete the process in a timely manner. 

Don't hesitate to contact your Activities Liaison for guidance in the process or to help with any questions you may have. Our team is happy to offer assistance! 

Imprinting Guidelines:

  • If you follow the process correctly, you will be allowed to imprint the name(s) and logo(s) of your group, the University, and/or other business(es) or organization(s) working with you. 
  • You must purchase from a University approved licensed vendor regardless of the design - only certain vendors are allowed to imprint ND logos and trademarks. 
  • Use an original design - the design must be created by you, but if you need help your chosen University approved vendor can help you with this. 
    • NOTE: Make sure not to alter ND logos or trademarks, and don't forget that you must include your group's full name (or acronym) in the design. 
  • A NDCentral Event Submission must be completed to start the approval process.
    Heads up! - Failure to respond to comments on your NDCentral Event Submission could delay your merchandise. Keep track of it and don't hesitate to reach out to SAO with any questions via email at  
    • To complete the NDCentral submission, you will need to upload a PDF of your design; if you don't have a document ready, email what you have to Devon Sanchez-Ossorio at
    • If you are including another business or organization's name and/or logo, you must submit their written approval for use of their name and/or logo to Devon Sanchez-Ossorio at
  • Only fully approved NDCentral submissions are allowed to be printed/produced. 
    • NOTE: SAO will assist in the processing and approval of the imprinting request, however you are responsible of notifying your vendor once the form is approved and finish the placement of your order. 
  • SAO will take care of the payment process for you, but follow up with the Student Union Bookkeeper via email at to confirm that your vendor has been paid for the items purchased. 

Special Notes:

  • Athletic Clubs must work with Von Williams on any items that are for competition use.
  • Performing Art Clubs - If recording a CD, your timeline will look different, and may take longer. NOTE: you will need a waiver if you are including original music for a recording (i.e. CD).