Activities Liaisons

Each student group is assigned an Activities Liaison, often referred to as an ’AL’. An Activities Liaison is a full-time SAO staff member, or designee, that is your group’s resource throughout the year. They help process SAO360 requests, answer questions regarding University policies, procedures, and event planning, and support successful student group operations. If you aren’t sure where your club or organization fits in the chart below, please contact the SAO Office.

Activities Liaisons
Academic Clubs K. Parker Hess
Athletic Clubs Arianne St. Aubin
Cultural Clubs Dr. Alicia Bates
Performing Arts Clubs Camille Martinez
Social Service Clubs K. Parker Hess
Special Interest Clubs Erin Riordan
Graduate Student Clubs Mimi Beck
MBA Clubs Erin Riordan
Law Clubs Erin Riordan
Special Interest Orgs: Debate Team; Judicial Council, the Juggler, NDSEED, NDTV, Old College, Scholastic, The Dome, The Shirt Project, WSND-FM, WVFI Erin Riordan
Hall Councils & HPC Breyan Tornifolio
Executive Cabinet, Student Senate, Glee Club, Knights of Columbus, PrismND Maureen "Mo" Doyle
Student International Business Council Monica Laidig