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Welcome to SAO360! SAO360 is the event management system used by the Student Activities Office to assist student leaders and members of all student clubs, organizations and residence halls plan and execute events both on and off campus. 

Student group event registrations, venue scheduling, and activity request details are all managed through the SAO360 user dashboard. Requests are submitted by student group members and routed through the application for all necessary approvals, facility reservations, and activity confirmations. SAO360 is designed to efficiently process simple requests and easily manage more complex requests. Please ensure you are submitting activity requests at least 2 weeks in advance of your activity date.

Log-in with your personal netID and password to get started. 

For more information on how to use SAO360, please see the "How To" guides listed below.

SAO360 How To Guides:

Click on one of the following links for a step-by-step guide on how to use SAO360 for your student club, organization or residence hall. If you have any additional questions, or would like to sit down and discuss any event, please reach out to the Student Activities Office by calling 574-631-7308 or email us at to request a meeting with your Activity Liaison.

Guides for Members and Officers:

How to submit an activity request.

Club/Organization/Residence Hall officer management.

How to join a club/organization/residence hall page.

Guides for Advisors:

How to approve/deny, comment and review submissions.

Advisor Group Management.

Advisor Handbook.


  1. What do I do if I am not able to see a group I am a part of?  The easiest way to become a member is to request membership by searching for the group in the SAO360 system and clicking on the "Request Membership" button.  This membership request is sent to Officer 1 of the group, who is given the option to accept or reject your request.   Likewise, Officer 1 is able to invite you to join the club or organization as a member, and you will need to accept or reject the request.
  2. How do I change the Officer 1 for my group?  If you are currently Officer 1, do not remove yourself from the Officer 1 position. It will automatically happen once you complete the following steps. To change your role to the new leader, select your group from your dashboard. Once you are on your group page, select the "Change Officer 1" option under the "Update" dropdown and enter the NetID for the new Officer 1. Click submit and the new officer 1 and advisor will be notified to accept the change in position.
  3. Do I really need to register my group?  Yes on an annual basis.  Officer 1 has the ability to register your club or organization for next year.
  4. What modules do I need to add to my event request? Add any module you feel you need in order to support and plan your event. If additional modules are needed, your Activities Liaison will comment on the request with the additional modules that you will need.
  5. Can I sign a contract on behalf of my club? No. All contracts must be reviewed by university council and signed by an approved university official. This is to ensure that all contracts protect both the student group, student leader planning the event and the university.
  6. My speaker has offered their service for no fee, do I still need a contract? If the speaker is a University of Notre Dame Faculty or Staff Member, a speaker contract is not required. Any other speaker, no matter the fee, is required to sign a Speaker Contract.
  7. Does my club name need to be on items that we imprint? Yes. Your groups full official name must be located somewhere on any items you decide to imprint.
  8. Can we use a vendor who is not listed on the licensing website? No. All imprinted items must be sourced from vendors who have applied to be a licensee for the university. New vendors may apply for a license through the licensing office.
  9. What is the difference between my advisor and my activities liaison (AL)? Your advisor is a group-specific faculty/staff member dedicated to the oversight of your group. Your activities liaison (AL) is an SAO/Student Affairs staff member dedicated to assisting groups through the process of programming. For example, if you are part of your hall government, your rector serves as your advisor, while Breyan Tornifolio serves as the AL for hall councils and the Hall Presidents Council in 2020-21. Click here to see a full list of AL's.