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Welcome to SAO360!. Launched in Spring 2015 with group registration, and Fall 2016 for group management, SAO360 is a complete set of resources for student leaders and members of all student clubs and organizations. Log-in with your personal netID and password to get started.   

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Notre Dame students can browse the list of active student clubs and organizations and request to join groups as a new member. Student officers of clubs and organizations can accept membership requests and send membership invitations out to prospective student members. Membership is the key to the student involvement features of SAO360, facilitating communication between group members and providing access to activity request tools in the application.

Plan an

Student group event registrations, venue scheduling, and activity request details are all managed through the SAO360 user dashboard. Requests are submitted by student group members and routed through the application for all necessary approvals, facility reservations, and activity confirmations. SAO360 is designed to efficiently process simple requests and easily manage more complex requests.

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If you are not able to see the group you are involved with on your dashboard, in the 360 system, you are not part of the group
The easiest way to become a member is to request membership.  This membership request is sent to Officer 1 of the group, who is given the option to accept or reject your request.   Likewise, Officer 1 is able to invite you to join the club or organization as a member, and you will need to accept or reject the request.

Want to change the Officer 1 for your group?  If you are currently Officer 1, please change your role to the new leader, before removing yourself.    Please note that any Officer may change Officer 1 to make the process easier?

Do I really need to register my group?  Yes on an annual basis.  Officer 1 has the ability to register your club or organization for next year.  Registration closes May 3rd.

Are you an Officer 1 of two (2) or more groups which experienced difficulties making changes to officers from April 2-12?  There was a glitch in the system, which has been resolved as of 4/13/17.

What about SAOnline?  This event registration system has been retired and decommissioned.  Please contact the SAO if are looking for historical information relating to events and imprinting requests prior to June 1, 2015.