Concession Stands

Concession Stands are a great way to fundraise for your group. Concession Stands are allocated in the Spring by a number of different groups to their constituency. For more information on how to obtain a concession stand, contact your coordinating group.

Approval of a concession stand will be granted after successful completion of an SAO360 request (if allocated a stand). If approval is granted, the student organization or residence facility must abide by all merchandising policies. Unauthorized sales or sales outside authorized areas will result in the merchandise being confiscated and disciplinary procedures. Groups interested in selling “The Shirt” or other approved wearable merchandise at these concession stands should include that information in the SAO360 request. Members may e-mail Devon Sanchez-Ossorio with questions. All revenue from concession stands must be deposited, according to the process outlined in concession stand management training, on the first business day following the concession stand.

Concession Stand Management Training

If your group has been allocated a Football Concession Stand, or is on the wait list, you must have at least one member of your group attend Concession Stand Management training (in addition to Food Safety Training). However, it is recommended that at least two members of the group complete this training. At all times at a concession stand, a Concession Stand Management Trained representative must be present. The training is intended to prepare the student who will be overseeing the administrative responsibilities for operating a concession stand. This includes, but is not limited to, submitting the SAO360 request for the stand, placing the food order from Catering, acquiring grills to be used at the stand, coordinating efficient operations throughout the stand operations, ensuring compliance with the cash handling and deposit procedures, and submitting the Concession Stand Summary Worksheet the Wednesday after the stand takes place.

If your club is interested in holding a concession stand, the link to the waitlist is provided below:

Questions regarding the football concession stand training program should be forwarded to Devon Sanchez-Ossorio, Assistant Director for Events and Services.