Concession Stands

Hosting a concession stand is a great way to engage group members in a University tradition, participate in game day celebrations, and fundraise money to put towards future events and programs. Student groups hosting a stand during home football games can expect to make an average profit of $1,700.00+.

At the end of each Spring semester, student governing organizations allocate concession stands to their respective constituents. For more information on how to obtain a concession stand, contact your coordinating group below:

Remaining concession stand slots are first come, first served, approved by the respective coordinating group, and then assigned by the Student Activities Office. 

If your student group is granted a concession stand, your group's concession stand manager must complete the Concession Stand Management Program. This program covers, but is not limited to, the following topics:

  • Cash Advance Submissions
  • Food and Risk Management
  • Concession Stand Management and Operations
  • Effective Practices and Tips of Hosting a Concession Stand 

The concession stand manager, designated by the student group, will receive email communication that outlines all the steps to prepare to host a concession stand. The instructions include information on location, food order, manager training, and game day operations. 

If you have any questions regarding concession stands or the Concession Stand Management Program, please contact Cody Ballinger, Program Coordinator for Student Involvement, via email at