Food at Campus Events

If your group wants to serve food at your next event (i.e. milk and cookies, pizza, off-campus catering, etc), make sure to denote so in your NDCentral Event Submission. In the Event Submission, list all the food, and provide as much detail as possible about cooking, holding, and serving procedures for all non-packaged food served.

To become Food Safety trained, study this training and complete the required quiz. Food Safety Training is only good for the academic year it was taken in, so you will need to take the quiz each academic year.

Food Safety Training

All student groups and residence halls that plan to prepare and serve food for events and hall food service operations during the academic year must have at least two people complete Food Safety Training. At all times, a Food Safety Trained representative must be present. Even if you were trained in the previous year, you must be retrained for this year. In order to be as prepared as possible for events, groups are encouraged to have as many members of their organization trained as they wish. Food Safety Training was coordinated in conjunction with the Department of Risk Management and Safety, and University Catering. 

Off-Campus Caterers

If your group wishes to use an off-campus caterer or restaurant, that restaurant must meet liability insurance and health department standards. Please check to make sure your restaurant has up-to-date insurance and health department certificates. Include the restaurant’s contact information in case it is needed in the NDCentral Event Submission. If you need to confirm the status of a local business, please contact the Student Activities Office.

Questions regarding Food Safety Training should be forwarded to the Student Activites Office.