Webmaster Resources

Creating and Maintaining a Group Website

With today's technology, even computer novices have the ability to create web pages! With the following information, you should be able to get up and running with starting your group's informative website. Whether you need to make simple changes (i.e. updating officer names or upcoming events), or want to do something more involved (i.e. start a website, redesign your website, etc), we have the information you need below.

Notes Before Starting

  • Your home page should be labeled as index.htm. The home page address for your group will be http://www.nd.edu/~groupnetid.
  • When you type this address in your Web Browser, your index.htm page will appear.
  • All of your pages will appear after the address: http://www.nd.edu/~groupnetid/.
    • For example, the file "membership.htm" would be located at http://www.nd.edu/~groupnetid/membership.htm
  • Do not copy files, images, information, etc. from other web sites. If you find something you like on another web page, ask the page owner's permission to use any info, graphics, etc. For more information, read the University's Responsible Use of Information Technology.

Making Simple Changes

  • Using Netfile, login to your group account using the same Net ID and password you use for your group's email.
  • Click on the "www" folder.
  • Click on the file that you want to update ("index" is your website's homepage).
  • If the HTML editor pops up (usually with Firefox), it should be easy to change simple text on the page.
  • If the Text editor pops up (usually with Safari and Internet Explorer), you will have to search through the code to find the text you want to change.
    • Make sure not to change any of the code, as it may alter the look of your website.

Webpage Creation or Redesign

  • Using Netfile login to your club account using the same Net ID and password you use for your club's email.
  • Open a web page authoring program (see below for examples).
  • Type the information you want to appear on the web page.
  • Select File: Save As: (be sure you are saving the file as .htm or .html). Save the page in your group's www folder (on the Net ID account).
  • Preview your page in your favorite web browser.
    • It may also be a good idea to test your page in other browsers, as formatting may differ (i.e. converting PC to Mac).

Web Authoring Programs
The following computer programs allow you to create simple web pages. While this is not a comprehensive list of programs, it should get you started. As you will discover, your computer may already have one of these programs:

  • Google Sites -- only approved through the group's NetID (not an unauthorized email account)
  • Blogs -- only approved through Notre Dame's blog service
  • Dreamweaver -- available on computers in the Coleman-Morse and LaFortune Computer Clusters
  • Microsoft Frontpage
  • Microsoft Word
  • Netscape Communicator

Please be aware that the Student Activities Office does not endorse any of these or any other programs not listed. The listing above is provided for informative purposes only.

Additional Information and Training
Each year, SAO provides website training. Contact the Student Activities Office for more information.