Constitution Updates



Updating your student group’s constitution on an annual basis is one of the best ways to keep the operation of your group running smoothly. It allows current and potential members to understand the purpose of your group and how it operates. It provides a structure to aid future leaders of your club to ensure that the group has continued success in transition.  

Student groups seeking to revise and/or update their group’s constitution will need to follow the below steps  If your student group is seeking to update and revise your constitution, please be sure to follow the below steps outlined below with the Student Activities Office to update your constitution.  

When updating and making changes to your student group governing document, it may be worthwhile to note an essential difference between a revision and an amendment.  A revision suggests fundamental change, while an amendment is a correction of detail. Generally, a student group may not revise their original purpose but may see a need to amend the language.

Before you begin, you will need to ensure you are editing the most up-to-date constitution for your student group on file with the Student Activities Office. If you do not have a copy of your constitution, please contact us at


Step 1: Review the Constitution Checklist and Sample documents

As you make proposed revisions to your group’s constitution please cross-reference your current language and ensure it includes all applicable items from the Student Group Constitution Checklist. The items listed in the checklist are required in your constitution’s language if it does not already exist. 

Please format your constitution similar to the Sample Student Group Constitutions for continuity across all student groups. 


Step 2: Make any necessary amendments/revisions and host a preliminary vote

When making your revisions to your current constitution, be sure to track changes as suggestions, and be able to provide a sound rationale for each revision requested.

Be sure to follow the by-laws that currently exist in your student group’s constitution for the process of voting and approving any and all amendments to the group’s constitution. If you have any questions or your old constitution is lacking these instructions, please contact your SAO Activities Liaison for help and support.


Step 3: Complete the Constitution Update Form

Fill out and submit the  Student Group Constitution Update Form to the Student Activities Office. This form can be completed at any point during the academic year.

Once this form is submitted, SAO will review all proposed amendments and reach out to you for additional information or clarification if necessary. Please note: this reviewal period may take at least two (2) weeks to complete.  

Step 4: Completion

After a thorough review, SAO will notify you of the decision for your group’s proposed constitutional changes. SAO will keep any updated documentation in our files. Once you have received your completion notification, be sure to notify your group members and advisor of any changes and update your group’s internal documentation and files. 

Please Note: If several updates are proposed, not all changes may be approved and could require additional meetings for information. Generally, a student group may not change their original purpose.