Don't forget to complete an NDCentral Event Request for any fundraising activities your student group is planning.

Additional funding for your event may be found elsewhere.

Groups should consider fundraising when they want to raise funds for a specific purpose, whether is be for internal group use or as a charitable contribution. group which attempt to fundraise for "stock piling" purposes are more likely to fail.

Things to Establish During the Planning Process


Why are we raising the funds? (People want to know where their money is going, and it should be for a good cause.)

Financial Goals

How much do we need to raise? How much do we want to raise? How much can we anticipate raising with the proposed activity?

Initial Cost

How much will it cost to produce this fundraiser? Do we have the money in our account to cover the front-end costs of the project?


Will the idea work? Can we really raise money doing this fundraiser? Will we at least break even? Take the time to choose fundraisers which could be effective, and take the time to plan and publicize them properly.

Before you start planning a labor-intensive, financially risky event, make sure you have addressed all other funding opportunities. Here are some suggestions to consider: Evaluate your budget! Can you cut expenses from other items you have budgeted for? This may be the easiest way to "internally fundraise"!

If you have decided that you want to coordinate a fundraising event, start thinking of some possible activities you could coordinate. To get the ball rolling, here are some suggestions for fundraisers:

  • Guess the pennies (candy, paperclips, etc.) in the jar.
  • Food/Bake sales
  • Arts/Crafts sales
  • Apparel sales (be sure to complete the Imprinting request in NDCentral, and obtain approval before ordering merchandise from approved vendors)
  • Car Wash
  • Volunteer yard work for donations
  • Dance party (charge an admission fee)
  • Candy-grams
  • Athletic tournament (contact RecSports for assistance with coordinating it effectively)
  • Band concert
  • Raffles (please be aware that this can be a lengthy process and groups/clubs should plan accordingly).


Another form of fundraising is solicitation. This is when you ask people, companies, or organizations for monetary or in-kind donations. Before approaching potential donors, complete an NDCentral request. People or groups to consider asking for donations from include:

  • Parents, friends, or alums of your group
    • Keep track of your alums - it will make it easier to contact them after they have left!
  • ND Departments, like those with which your group has a relationship
    • You do not need to complete an NDCentral request when requesting funds from on-campus departments.
  • Local businesses that may have a stake in your group, or would benefit from exposure.
    • If contacting a chain, make sure to contact the local store, not that national office when requesting donations.
    • Businesses usually need a letter as proof of the request, so consider putting one together with your officer' and advisor's input. This will be required for the NDCentral request. 

Credit card donations can only be accepted through the Notre Dame Department of Development website or Student Shop ND. Both credit card and check donations can be accepted. This is a safe and easy way to collect money, and gives your donors the tax benefits of donating to Notre Dame. Make sure to tell your donors to indicate your group on their donation.

Locations to Collect Funds

When collecting funds, your group must do so at an established time, date, and location. In addition to setting up a table in your residence hall (with permission from the Rector), other locations to collect funds include:

Dining Hall Lobbies
Ticket sales or the promotion of activities may be done in the dining hall lobbies and in LaFortune Student Center. Permission must be obtained in advance from the Student Activities Office through an NDCentral request.

LaFortune Elevator Lobby
When using the LaFortune Elevator Lobby for your fundraiser, you can collect Domer Dollars using the Domer Dollars Terminal. For more information email

LaFortune Information Desk
Tickets and other items may be sold through the LaFortune Student Center Information Desk and Box Office. This service is provided for all departments, residence facilities, and recognized student organizations/clubs. For each sale, a Box Office Ticket Sales Agreement must be completed. This agreement can be found in the CRC on the 3rd floor of LaFortune in the literature rack. 

Raising Money through Credit Cards

To collect funds using credit cards, you can sell items or collect donations using Student Shop ND. Collecting funds through any other online means is prohibited.