Advisor Resources

Below you will find important resources to aid you in your work as an advisor. If you have any questions, please contact the Erin Riordan, Assistant Director of Student Involvement.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are the advisor to a Graduate, Law, or Mendoza club, please know that policies may differ for these groups from undergraduate clubs. If you have any questions regarding advising a graduate club, please contact the Student Activities Office.


Club Advisor Handbook
The Club Advisor Handbook is the main resource for club advisors. It is filled with great information like Tips on being an Advisor, Do's and Don'ts, Expectations of Club Officers, SAO Staff contacts, Student Union Treasurer Policies and more. 

Download here: SAO 2018-19 Advisor Handbook


Club Advisor Roundtables
The Club Advisor Roundtable program is a monthly get-together open to all current student club advisors recognized by the Student Activities Office. The Roundtable provides a forum for questions and concerns, resource sharing, event planning assistance, best practice advice, and more.

Each month, there will be special guests from the Notre Dame community to present on topics such as mandatory reporting, club accounting, large-scale event management, and other topics as requested by the attendees. Refreshments are provided!


New Advisor Training
Offered once a semester, this training provides an overview of club advisor responsibilities, tips and best practices, and SAO policy highlights. Whether you're a brand new advisor or just want a refresher, all are welcome!


Club Coordination Council
The Club Coordination Council (CCC) of Notre Dame is a subdivision of the Notre Dame Student Government. The CCC is comprised of club members elected by their peers to oversee and represent all of the recognized undergraduate student clubs at Notre Dame. The CCC also allocates more than $250,000 each year to undergraduate clubs. For more information, please contact the CCC.


Student Group/Advisor Agreement
This interactive activity will bring the advisor and student leader together to discuss the role of the advisor, and expectations of both parties. 
Download here: Advisor Agreement


Officer Transition
The most successful student clubs and organizations implement officer transition programs at varying levels. In an effort to help groups organize an effective transition, SAO has put together an Officer Transition Guide Book full of information, resources, and helpful checklists to ensure seamless continuity in your group’s functioning.