Student Shop ND

Recognized student groups interested in selling items, collecting donations and hosting online event registrations on Student Shop ND must have a fully approved SAO360 request and then submit one of the following electronic forms:   

The Excel form must be submitted via e-mail to Upon receiving completed form, you may be contacted to set up a meeting to discuss further details. 

A service fee is charged to groups posting items on Student Shop ND to cover administrative fees (supplies, storage, student employee staffing, credit card processing fees, etc.).  The service fee structure for posting items varies depending on the item.  This fee structure is reviewed on an annual basis.

All merchandise purchased through this site, excluding "The Shirt",  will only be shipped to destinations within the United States. We will no longer be accepting international orders. 

Item Service Fee
Oversized items duffel bags, posters) 10%
Winter coats and jackets 9%
Sweats (hoodies, sweatshirts, sweatpants) 8%
Track gear (windbreakers, track pants, track jackets) 7%
Long sleeve shirts, short sleeve shirts & tank tops 6%
Hats (winter beanies, baseball hats, etc.) 5%
Small items (CD's, decals, golf balls, etc.) 5%
Event registrations 4%
Membership dues 3%
Donations 2%

Questions about Student Shop ND can be directed to