Gaming Policies

  • Please know the difference between games of chance (i.e. poker, raffles, gambling) and games of skill (i.e. trivia, athletic events).
  • Games of skill are permitted and must be equivalent to the value of the prize.
  • Please contact SAO via email at for requesting any raffles, gaming activities, etc. Our team will be happy to assist you in the process.


  • If you are purchasing gifts for your club advisor, a guest speaker, or a special guest, or giving out prizes that total more than $90, or are a gift card of any amount, follow these guidelines: 
    - If the person is not related to the University - Name is required
    - Your advisor or another faculty/staff member - Name & ndID# required
    - A member of your club - Name & ndID# required
  • Please be aware that gifts are considered taxable income, and individuals will be subject to pay the associated income taxes on gifts you purchase for them.

Can we give students gifts or prizes for their work with the club?

  • In most cases, no. Check the gaming policies within the Student Activities section of du Lac policies (which state that allocated funds cannot be used to purchase gifts for students), and use good judgment. Club funds are meant for club activities, not to give gifts. Students get involved because they enjoy participating in the club, not for the gifts. Officers should not be rewarded (i.e. meals, gifts) for taking on the responsibilities of their elected office.