University Events Involving Alcohol 

As general practice, student groups are not allowed to sponsor events which include alcohol, and/or host event at facilities whose primary sales come from that of alcohol (e.g. bars, breweries, etc.). In limited circumstances, a student group may request an exemption to this policy only when: 

  • The University serves as host for the event;
  • Graduate or undergraduate students are present;
  • The majority of the membership in the respective sponsoring student group(s) is 21+ years old;
  • Alcohol is provided via a cash bar and served by a licensed bartender; and
  • Appropriate measures are taken to ensure moderate and legal consumption.

To request an exemption, student groups must upload a letter to their NDCentral request (at least 3 weeks in advance of when they would like to begin advertising the event), addressed to the Associate Vice President for Student Development detailing the event and providing the following information: (NOTE: Exemption requests will not be forwarded along for review by the Office of Student Affairs until the relevant NDCentral request has been fully approved.)

  1. A detailed description and proposed timeline of the event, which must be of a limited duration;
  2. A menu specifying the substantial food and non-alcoholic beverages to be provided;
  3. A detailed description of transportation being coordinated by the student group;
  4. Confirmation that the consumption of alcoholic beverages will take place only on the location specifically reserved for this event; and
  5. Confirmation that all alcohol will be provided via a cash bar and served by a licensed bartender who will be checking proper identification to assure students are of majority age (proof of liquor license and insurance must be provided if requested). 

Unless the event is held in an appropriately licensed facility, whose primarily sales do not come from that of alcohol (e.g. restaurants, bowling alleys, ballparks, etc.) , the approval of the Office of Student Affairs is required in advance of the event. No student club, organization, or hall funds of any kind may be used to purchase alcohol, and no funds may be received from the venue serving the alcohol for any purpose. Individuals are not permitted to bring their own alcohol to student events for personal consumption.

In the interest of safety, a staff/faculty advisor may be required to be present for the duration of any student group sponsored event involving service of alcoholic beverages. As part of their role, the advisor will assist in arranging alternative transportation for students who have consumed alcoholic beverages during the event. Unless transportation is being coordinated by the sponsoring student group, (e.g. shuttles, buses, etc.) students choosing to consume alcoholic beverages throughout the event agree to utilize public transportation (including taxis and rideshare programs such as Uber or Lyft) when leaving the event.