The Student Activities Office, in conjunction with the Office of Information Technologies, provides groups with many opportunities to communicate with their members and constituencies.

Each recognized hall, club, and organization is issued a NetID. This NetID gives groups access to both the Google Mail service that students employ, and website space. All student group NetID accounts will be governed by the University's Responsible Use of Technologies policy as outlined in duLac. Your group's email address will follow this example: "". Groups should not have other email addresses.

Email to undergraduate club NetIDs will be frequent. Make sure someone checks the NetID regularly, and attends to any messages there, especially emails from SAO personnel and the CCC. You are responsible for attending to the information addressed in the email, regardless of whether or not you read it or it was filed as spam.

All student group NetID passwords are reset each Fall. The NetID Administrator indicated on the Officer Form turned in during Club & Organization Registration will be notified when the password is ready to be picked up. The NetID Administrator is responsible for picking up the password for your group to gain access to email and website space, and agreeing to follow the Responsible Use of Technologies. If you need your password reset at any other time, please complete the NetID Applicationand turn it into 315 LaFortune. Do not contact OIT to have the password reset.

If you are not sure how to update your website, make sure to attend the Build a Website trainings, a part of the Leadership for Organizations, Clubs, & Students series. You can also go to the Webmaster page for more information if you missed the trainings, or contact the Student Activities Office for individual trainings. Your group's website address will follow this example: "". Groups should not have other website addresses. The website must remain on the Notre Dame server.

A student group's NetID space may be withdrawn by the director of Student Activities, Programming. Student groups which are not recognized/active will lose their NetID account.Student organizations/clubs and residence halls that wish to incorporate Notre Dame trademarks into their www. organizational home pages may not do so without prior written approval from the Director of Student Activities - Programming.

Club Mailboxes
All undergraduate clubs have a club mailbox in the Club Resource Center in 314 LaFortune. Please make sure to check this on a regular basis as all correspondence that arrives through SAO is delivered here. CCC correspondence (i.e. allocation letters ) is also delivered to this box.