Registration and Reactivation

2021-22  Student Group Registration is now closed.

Recognized student groups, as defined by the Student Activities Office, must complete the annual Student Group Registration process from May 1 - August 1 of each academic year to be considered “Active” status for the following academic year. Those groups who fail to complete one or all steps of Student Group Registration will be made “Inactive” for the following academic year.

Ready to transition and register for the next academic year?
The most successful student clubs and organizations implement officer transition programs at varying levels. In an effort to help groups organize an effective transition, SAO has put together an Officer Transition Guide Book full of information, resources, and helpful checklists to ensure seamless continuity in your group’s functioning.

May 1, 2021 - May 31, 2021:  Early Bird Registration
May 1, 2021 - August 1, 2021:  Registration Deadline

Early Bird gets the worm?!: All groups who successfully complete steps 1-4 by May 31, 2021 will be eligible to win a prize of $500 for the student group’s account! The winning group will be randomly selected from all groups who complete steps 1-4 by the end of May.

Student Group Registration Steps and Information


Reactivating an Inactive or Defunct Student Group

"Inactive" groups cannot spend or receive club funds, cannot host or co-sponsor events or meetings, and are prohibited from participating in the annual Activities Night or Club Awards Banquet. Funds will remain in the group’s FOAPAL, but will be inaccessible. Groups that remain Inactive for two consecutive academic years will be given “Defunct” status, removing all funding from their group account. Below lists the steps required to reactivate an Inactive or Defunct student group. Please note, reactivation is not guaranteed.

If a student wishes to reactivate an Inactive or Defunct student group, the proposed Officer1 must submit a proposal through the Prospective Groups application by the deadlines listed on the website. The group will then follow the same timeline and process as a proposed new club, which requires submission of an updated constitution, roster, budget, and list of events. Groups who wish to be reactivated will have their application submitted to applicable student government organizations for review and approval: CCC, GSU, MBAA or SBAA. These organizations typically consider: if the purpose of the proposed student club is currently fulfilled by existing student organizations, the number of interested students, and the long term sustainability of the proposed club. For more information, please follow the Prospective Groups information webpage.