Registration and Reactivation

Recognized student groups, as defined by the Student Activities Office, must complete the annual Student Group Registration process from April 1 - August 1 of each academic year to be considered “Active” status for the following academic year. Those groups who fail to complete one or all steps of Student Group Registration will be made “Inactive” for the following academic year. 

Inactive groups cannot spend or receive club funds, cannot host or co-sponsor events or meetings, and are prohibited from participating in the annual Activities Night or Club Awards Banquet. Funds will remain in the group’s FOAPAL, but will be inaccessible. Groups that remain Inactive for two consecutive academic years will be given “Defunct” status, removing all funding from their group account. Below lists the steps required to reactivate an Inactive or Defunct student group. Please note, reactivation is not guaranteed.

Registration Timeline 2019-2020


All groups reset in SAO360 on Monday, April 1.  If your group is currently active and wishes to be active for the next year, the student designated as the group’s Officer 1 in SAO360 will need to register the group in SAO360.  This is a simple process taking no more than a few minutes. For instructions, please see THIS VIDEO 


Each group will also need to update the Officer 1 in SAO360 based on the newly elected or appointed President or head representative.  This is also a quick process, but it is important to complete it the proper way - if done improperly, it is possible for all group members to be blocked from further action in SAO360.  For instructions, please see THIS VIDEO 


At least one officer (designated as such in SAO360) from each recognized student group is required to attend a New Officer Training session, though any additional officers or group members are also welcome.  This session, designed with feedback from student leaders over the last year, will cover basics of student group transition, support SAO can provide, key policies and resources to know, and how to use SAO360 to benefit your group.

Sessions for undergraduate student groups will be offered at the following times:

  • Wednesday, April 3, 8-9 pm, 102 DeBartolo Hall
  • Wednesday, April 10, noon-1 pm, LaFortune Ballroom
  • Tuesday, April 23, 8-9 pm, 102 DeBartolo Hall
  • Sunday, April 28, 4:30-5:30 pm, LaFortune Ballroom

Attendance will be taken at these sessions to ensure at least one officer from each student group receives the training.

**If you missed the mandatory training sessions, you may complete this requirement by completing the following steps:

  1. Fully review the presentation located here: SAO Club/Org Officer Training 2019 – Undergrad
  2. Take the corresponding quiz located here: 2019 SAO Officer Training Quiz - Undergraduate Clubs & Organizations

Please note, you must receive a 100% on the quiz to receive credit for this Step. The quiz can be re-taken.



AFTER steps 1-3 are complete, one officer from each student group will need to complete THIS FORM on behalf of the group.  In doing so, they will confirm steps 1-3 are complete.  Undergraduate groups will also utilize this form to register for Student Activities Night, to be held on Tuesday, September 3, 2019, and to request limited student group storage space in LaFortune or Washington Hall, if interested.

If you have any questions about this process, please be in touch with the SAO team by emailing, calling 574-631-7308, or stopping by our office in 315 LaFortune. 

Reactivating an Inactive Club or Organization - Spring 2020 

  1. If a student group wishes to reactivate, the Officer1 must submit a proposal through the Student Group Reactivation Application Form from January 14 - January 26, 2020.

  2. After completing the form, meet with Assistant Director of Student Involvement. During this meeting, the group will evaluate any current challenges, set goals for the future, and be given the Reactivation Packet for Inactive Student Groups.

  3. Complete any missing steps in annual Student Group Registration:

    1. Register on SAO360
    2. Update Officer1 on SAO360
    3. Officer Training
    4. Registration Form 
  4. Complete the Reactivation Packet for Inactive Student Groups, which includes:

    1. Up-to-date group constitution
    2. Officer and Member Roster
    3. Budget Summary
    4. List of Events
  5. Submit the completed Reactivation Packet to the Assistant Director of Student Involvement by February 09, 2020 at 11:59pm.

  6. Meet with the applicable student government organizations to evaluate the sustainability of the Inactive student group. These organizations include: the Club Coordination Council (CCC), Graduate Student Union (GSU), Student Bar Association (SBA), or the MBA Association (MBAA). 

  7. Following a review, the student government organization sends their recommendation of reactivation to the Assistant Director of Student Involvement. If the student government organization determines that the club is no longer justified or warranted, a reevaluation with the SAO occurs.

  8. Reactivation Letters sent by the Director of Student Centers, Activities and Events will outline one of two possible outcomes:

    1. Reactivation of “Active” recognized student group status

    2. Denial of Reactivation, where the student group will remain “Inactive” status for the current academic semester. Reapplication can occur the following academic semester.


Reactivating a Defunct Club or Organization

If a Defunct student group wishes to reactivate, the Officer1 must submit a proposal through the Prospective Club Interest Form by the deadlines listed on the website. The group will then follow the same timeline and process as a proposed new club, which requires submission of an updated constitution, roster, budget, and list of events. Groups who wish to be reactivated will have their application submitted to applicable student government organizations for review and approval: CCC, GSU, MBAA or SBAA. These organizations typically consider: if the purpose of the proposed student club is currently fulfilled by existing student organizations, the number of interested students, and the long term sustainability of the proposed club. For more information, please follow the Prospective Groups information webpage.