Annual Student Group Registration

Student Group Registration & Officer Training

According to duLac: Recognized student groups must be registered annually in order to receive official University recognition, have the privilege of sponsorship of activities, use University facilities, be eligible to raise funds, and be eligible to receive student activity fee allocations from their respective student governing organization.

The Annual Student Group Registration Process opens for all student clubs and organizations following the completion of Spring final exams through August 1 of each year. Recognized student groups, as defined by the Student Activities Office, must complete both Registration and Officer Training to maintain their “Active” status for the upcoming academic year. Registration must be completed by the incoming Officers of each student group. Those groups that fail to complete one or more steps of this process will be made "Inactive" for the upcoming academic year.

Each year after the last day of programming/classes in the Spring, all student groups are automatically moved to "Frozen" status until they successfully complete all steps of the Registration process. Following the completion of all steps, the group will receive confirmation of their active status, and will regain the ability to request activities and resources for the coming academic year.

Final Annual Student Group Officer Training: Wednesday, August 2, 2023 from 7:00 - 9:00 pm. Register here.




Ready to transition for the next academic year?

The most successful student clubs and organizations implement officer transition programs at varying levels. Your SAO staff are here to help groups organize an effective transition! Be sure to utilize the 2023-24 Officer Transition Guide Book full of information, resources, and helpful checklists to ensure a seamless continuity in your group's functioning.