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Creating and Maintaining a Group Website

With today's technology, even computer novices have the ability to create web pages! With the following information, you should be able to get up and running with starting your group's informative website. Whether you need to make simple changes (i.e. updating officer names or upcoming events), or want to do something more involved (i.e. start a website, redesign your website, etc), we have the information you need below.

Notes Before Starting

Making Simple Changes

Webpage Creation or Redesign

Web Authoring Programs
The following computer programs allow you to create simple web pages. While this is not a comprehensive list of programs, it should get you started. As you will discover, your computer may already have one of these programs:

Please be aware that the Student Activities Office does not endorse any of these or any other programs not listed. The listing above is provided for informative purposes only.

Additional Information and Training
Each year, SAO provides website training. Go to the Leadership for Organizations, Clubs, & Students series webpage for upcoming dates, or contact the Student Activities Office for individual trainings.