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Trips and Transportation

Group trips are a great way to interact with your hall/organization/club in a different way. Whether at a conference, competing in a tournament, or just seeing the sights, your trip could be a great bonding experience for your members. But where do you start? Just like planning any event, you will want to consider what kind of trip your group wants to take, what the group can afford, if the trip meets the group’s mission, etc.

Below are a few tips when planning a group trip. If your group plans to travel overnight, or will participate in regular travel (i.e. Wednesdays at the Center for the Homeless), you will need to attend Group Travel Training.

  1. Decide upon the nature of the trip and consider your transportation options
    1. If traveling within St. Joseph County, IN, club members’ personal vehicles may be used if appropriate to the time, place, and manner of the event.
    2. If traveling outside St. Joseph County, IN, clubs must use:
    1. Do not go to rental car or truck companies; ND Transportation will take care of all your needs as University insurance covers drivers when renting through ND. Transportation requests should be received two weeks before the trip to ensure availability of vehicle rental.
  1. Once you have identified what type of trip you will take, complete the Group Travel Module of SAO360.
    1. If you are traveling overnight, indicate who the University Representative traveling with your group will be. This person should be a full-time faculty member or administrator.
    2. Complete the module at least 15 business days in advance for out-of-county travel, and 10 business days in advance for in-county travel.
    3. Regular trips (i.e. Wednesdays at the Center for the Homeless) only need one SAO360 request each semester.
  2. Pay attention to the SAO360 request and the comments you will receive via email – you may be asked questions regarding the trip.
  3. If minors will be involved with the trip, please work with the SAO Activities Liaison (AL) supporting your club ahead of time as additional approvals and waivers will be necessary.  Not sure who your AL is?  Contact us


Vehicle and Off-Campus Travel Information

If your club wishes to rent a vehicle for off-campus travel outside of St. Joseph County, you must rent vehicles through Transportation Services. The vehicle request form must be signed by the Assistant Director of Student Activities in the Student Activities Office (SAO) and then will be faxed or taken to Transportation Services to proceed with the rental. There is a charge for these rental vehicles which is outlined on their website and your club’s account number must be included on the rental form. Drivers must be trained to drive university vehicles through ND Transportation.

If your group wishes to travel off-campus but within St. Joseph County, you may use personal vehicles to do so. please complete an SAO360 request for the trip. A waiver will be sent to you from the Student Activities Office a few days before the trip.

University Vehicles
Only University students, faculty, and staff are eligible to drive Transportation Services motor pool vehicles. Students who will be driving any University vehicle are required to attend a mandatory training/orientation session sponsored by Transportation Services. Continued use of vehicles is dependent on compliance with policies as outlined at the driver seminar. Drivers must be 18 years of age with a valid driver's license in order to drive outside St. Joseph County.

There is a $500 deductible in the University's insurance policy. Groups using vehicles are responsible for paying the deductible in the event of an accident. A student using a personal vehicle agrees that the University will not respond to any claim for damages to that vehicle, whether insured or not insured, including deductibles. Groups wishing to transport non-University passengers must abide by the guidelines established by the office of Risk Management (631-5037). Vehicle driver and all passengers are required to use seat belts.

Bus and Motor Coach Contracts
For University-sponsored travel, only approved charter bus companies may be contracted and utilized. The bus companies linked above have provided proof of adequate insurance and have been approved by the University for student organization usage. Please contact the bus company directly for reservations and cost information. All bus contracts must be submitted directly to the Student Activities Office for execution by the University. Additionally, alcohol is not to be transported or consumed on contracted buses or motor coaches.

du Lac Policy

Any student organization wishing to conduct or sponsor a trip must obtain prior approval from the director of Student Activities for Programming or the director’s designee. It is expected that student trips will be planned so as not to interfere with academic classes. If using a charter bus company, only authorized vendors may be contracted and utilized. A list of authorized charter services is available upon request from the Student Activities Office. The sponsoring organization must provide a list of students going on the trip, together with a signed waiver form from each participant. Waiver forms must be obtained in advance from the Student Activities Office.

A student representative from the sponsoring organization must accompany the trip. Additionally, overnight trips require accompaniment by a University representative as required by the director of Student Activities for Programming or the director’s designee. The sponsoring organization is responsible for recruiting a full-time faculty or administrative staff member willing to serve as a University representative. The name, address and telephone number of the University representative must be submitted to the director of Student Activities for Programming or the director’s designee a minimum of 30 days prior to the anticipated departure date.