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Leadership for Organizations, Clubs, & Students

Click here for the Fall 2015 - Spring training schedule

Leadership for Organizations, Clubs & Students (LOCS) was created to provide officers and members of the over 420+ halls, clubs, and organizations on campus the tools necessary to successfully organize and run their groups. All sessions are free and open to any student. Come back frequently for an updated schedule.

Have an idea for a session? Email the Student Activities Office.

Advisor Meet and Greet
Club Information Meetings
Concession Stand Management Training
Concession Stand: Maximizing your Profits
Dance Training
DJ Training
Food Safety
Group Treasurer Training
Hall Commissioner Summit
Marketing Training
Maximizing Activities Night
SAO360 Drop-In Training
Signature Event Training
Transportation Student Vehicle Driver Training

Advisor Meet & Greet

This is a networking opportunity for club and organizational advisors to meet each other and members of the Student Activities Office staff.  Coffee and bagels will be provided.

Tuesday, November 24 from 8:00 to 9:00 am in LaFortune Ballroom

Club Information Meetings

Club Information Meetings are an opportunity for the Student Activities Office and Club Coordination Council to assist clubs in planning and marketing events, and to foster opportunities for collaboration. Meetings will last approximately 1 hour and will cover the following agenda items:

Every club is required to send the two officers to one of the Club Information Meetings offered below. The two officers do not need to attend the same meeting. All club officers are invited to attend! Clubs not represented at one of the meetings could lose their recognition status with the University.

Club Information Meeting Schedule

For Undergraduate Clubs:
These will be held the week of January 12, 2016

For Graduate Clubs:
A club round table for Graduate Student Club leaders will be held in January, 2016

Missed this meeting or have other questions about graduate and professional student clubs? Email Peggy Hnatusko with SAO. If you would like to schedule a meeting to talk about Club logistics or to make up a miss Club Information Meeting, please email David or call the SAO office (574-631-7308) directly to schedule an appointment.

Club Officer Training

Is your club interested in learning more about working as a team? Reach out to Peggy Hnatusko in the Student Activities Office to schedule an appointment.

The Club Officer Trainings are designed for the new group officer who needs more information on how to be an officer. The Fall Training will be broken up into two sessions - feel free to attend one or both! All new leaders and group members are encouraged to attend.

Concession Stand Management Training

Concession stand training are completed for Football season 2015!  Thanks to all who participated.

If your group plans to host a Football Concession Stand, you must also have at least one member of your group attend Concession Stand Management training. At all times at a concession stand, a Concession Stand Management Trained representative must be present. The training is intended to prepare the student who will be overseeing the administrative responsibilities for operating a concession stand. This includes, but is not limited to, submitting the SAO360 request for the stand, placing the food order from Catering, acquiring grills to be used at the stand, and submitting the Concession Stand Summary Worksheet the Wednesday after the stand takes place.

Concession Stand - Maximizing your profits

Information about Maximizing your Profits will go out to Clubs hosting Concession Stands.  The next program will be offered in Fall of 2016.

Dance Training

If your group is planning a dance, this session will provide you with all the information you need to know about choosing a location, food, DJ, etc.

Tuesday, November 17  from 6-7 pm, Montgomery Theatre

DJ Training

If you are a campus DJ,  this session will provide you with all the information you need to know to be successful  

Tuesday, January 19  from 5-6 pm, LaFortune Notre Dame Room

Food Safety Training

Food Safety Training is now online! All student groups and residence halls that plan to prepare and serve food for events and hall food service operations during the 2012-2013 academic year must have at least two people complete Food Safety Training. At all times at a concession stand or other food service event, a Food Safety Trained representative must be present. Even if you were trained in 2011-2012, you must be retrained for 2012-2013. In order to be as prepared as possible for events, groups are encouraged to have as many members of their organization trained as they wish.

To complete the process, simply click on this link to the Office of Risk Management and Safety training. Open the Food Safety Training PDF and read it thoroughly. Then click on the link to the Food Safety Training Quiz and complete it. Passing the quiz will automatically complete the process.

Group Travel Training

Is your group or organization planning a trip and you're not sure where to begin? Come to the Student Activities Office to get all your questions answered and to find additional resources as you are working towards your next big trip. If any of the times below don't work for you, call our office. All undergraduate clubs that wish to travel overnight or conduct regular travel (i.e. every week) must send at least one representative to either of the sessions provided. If you cannot attend these training dates, please contact the Student Activities Office and we can schedule a 1 on 1 appoint to help you organize your event. Advisors welcome also!

Thursday, November 19 at 4 pm

Thursday, December 3 at 4 pm

Thursday, February 11 at 4 pm

All Meetings are in the Student Activities Office located at 315 LaFortune Student Center

Missed training or want to review the material? Handouts are available here

Group Treasurer Training

This is for groups that are looking to review their finances for the current year and look ahead to budgeting for the next fiscal year.

Monday, February 8  from 5:30 to 6:30 pm, 315 LaFortune

Hall Commissioner Summit

This event is a new opportunity for Hall Commissioners to come together, and build their second semester programs.

Monday, December 7 from 5:30 to 7 pm at Legends

Marketing Training

This is for all student groups that are looking to increase their presence on campus and in the community.

Tuesday, December 1 at 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm, LaFortune MontgomeryTheatre

Maximizing Activities Night

All clubs and organizations know that Activities Night is one of the best ways to generate interest, but not everyone knows how to market their group so that those who signed up show up to the first meeting. Join us in this session as we talk about ways to catch the attention of potential members at Activities Night, how to retain your members after Activities Night, marketing efforts outside of Activities Night, and the web resources you can use to let everyone know how great your group is

Will be held in August, 2016 (2nd Floor of LaFortune)

SAO360 Drop-In Training

Want to know how to best utilize this resource? Join us for drop in training at anytime and you will be a SAO360 pro in no time! Individual or group sessions are also available.

SAO360 Drop-In Training is available anytime any of the Student Activities Office Staff is available. Check out our Office hours and schedule an appointment today!

Signature Event Training

This training is for groups planning large scale events for the second semester

Tuesday, January 19  from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm, LaFortune Montgomery Theatre

Tuesday, January 19  from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm, LaFortune Montgomery Theatre

Transportation Services Student Vehicle Training

Students driving University vehicles are first required to attend a safe driving class sponsored by the Transportation Services Department. Students need only attend this session once during their time at Notre Dame. Classes are held on Tuesday’s at 10:30 am and Thursday’s at 3:00pm. If you are unable to attend a class at this time, call Transportation Services to see if an alternate time can be arranged. For information about Driver Training and to request an appointment to attend a session, please call Marty Ogren at (574) 631-6467 or check their website.