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Imprinting Merchandise

Student organizations/clubs and University residence facilities are required to fill out a SAO360 request before ordering and/or purchasing items for distribution or resale (e.g., favors, T-shirts). The product must be purchased from an approved licensed vendor of the University who has been given the right to produce merchandise ordered by student groups. Click for a list of licensed vendors. NOTE: If reprinting an item that has been approved, a new SAO360 request is needed.

As long as you follow these guidelines, you can imprint your group’s name and logo, the ND name and logo, and the name and logo of other businesses or organizations.

Give yourself at least 6 weeks for the first five steps, from start to merchandise in hand. This is just an estimate, though! If you need help with design, or need to have your group approve every aspect, it will take a bit longer. Failure to respond to comments on SAO360 could also delay your merchandise.

Special Notes: