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Hall or Club Dances

These guidelines for Dances, SYR's, Tent Dances, and Off Campus Formals as established by the Student Activities Office (SAO) & Hall Presidents Council (HPC) under the direction of the Office of Student Affairs represent the University's expectations for how these events should be conducted. Any deviations from these guidelines should be made after consultation with the Student Activities Office and with the approval of the Rector (in case of a hall) and the SAO. Failure to comply with these guidelines could result in the loss of hall's or club's dance privileges. More information on hall dances in particular can be found here.

Dance Calendar

Planning a Dance

As for any other event, when planning a dance, you will want to start with an SAO360 request. In addition to the Facilities/Room/Location Module, you will also want to complete the Dance Module. Dance spaces book up fast – if you want, you can complete the Facilities Module months in advance to secure the date and location. As the event gets closer, complete another SAO360 request with the dance details.

For more information on planning a dance, don't forget to attend Dance Training as a part of the Leadership for Organizations, Clubs, & Students series.

General Guidelines for All Dances

When planning a SYR, tent dance, or off-campus formal, it is necessary for leaders to ensure that the focus of the event will be on group-wide activities rather than on private gatherings in student rooms. Events which allow students to travel freely between the event and private gatherings over the course of the evening will not be approved.

Guidelines for Tent Dances

Guidelines for Off-Campus Formals

All policies above apply. In addition, charter transportation must be used.