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Student Group/Advisor Agreement

Use this agreement to begin the discussion with your student leaders on expectations of both parties. For a PDF of this agreement to print off, click here.

CLUB/ORGANZIATION NAME: ________________________________________

ADVISOR NAME: _____________________________________________________
The members of this club/organization, by the selection process outlined in our constitution hereby select the above named as our advisor for 2015-16academic year. 

Notre Dame has the following basic expectations of all club/organization advisors:

The following is intended to clarify the role of advisor by providing both the organization/club and the advisor the opportunity to decide the extent to which the advisor will be involved with the organization/club.

Using the scale below, the advisor and organization/club officers complete this activity individually.
After completing the inventory, compare responses to develop a stronger relationship between the advisor and the organization/club. Answers which vary more than 2 points either way should be discussed immediately.

-2 Strongly Disagree      -1 Disagree      0 Neutral      +1 Agree     +2 Strongly Agree

Club     Advisor
____    ____    Attend all regular meetings of the organization/club.
____    ____    Attend officer meetings.
____    ____    Attend organization/club’s campus-wide activities and events.
____    ____    Attend organization/club’s internal activities and events.

Meeting Involvement
____    ____    Assist in the preparation of meeting agendas.
____    ____    Ability to call emergency meeting of officers, if deemed necessary.
____    ____    Interrupt during meetings to inform members about possible violations of University policy.
____    ____    Interrupt during meetings to inform officer/members about violations in constitution/bylaws.
____    ____    Present personal point of view during discussions at meetings.
____    ____    Be quiet at meetings unless asked for input.
____    ____    Review minutes for accuracy before distribution.

Goal Setting
____    ____    Participate in goal setting process.
____    ____    Provide feedback to officers on progress towards goals.
____    ____    Require committees to follow up with advisor on progress towards goals, with frequent updates.

Club Development
____    ____    Coordinate leadership development workshops on topics created by officers.
____    ____    Research and present leadership development opportunities available on campus, etc.
____    ____    Explain University policies and procedures to general organization/club membership.
____    ____    Cancel events when he/she believes they are poorly planned.
____    ____    Take the initiative to instill teamwork, cooperation and collaboration within the club.
____    ____    Use influence with club officers between meetings to get things accomplished the right way.

____    ____    Speak on behalf of the organization/club to the campus community.
____    ____    Speak on behalf of the organization/club to the general public.
____    ____    Assist with mediating conflicts with the University administration, other clubs, offices, etc.

____    ____    Attend all elections, interviews, etc.
____    ____    Provide organization/club officers feedback on each candidate.

Additional Roles
____    ____    Review all SAO360 requests, approving those that follow the mission of the organization/club and do not violate University policy.
____    ____    Receive copies of all official correspondence.
____    ____    Review/proof all official correspondence (newsletters, proposals, letters, etc) before mailing
____    ____    Other: ________________________________________________________________

The above expectations and responsibilities may be reconsidered at any time based on the needs of all parties.

I have met with the club/organization and discussed the expectations/responsibilities and will fulfill these to the best of my ability.

__________________________________          ___________            _____________________    
Advisor Signature                                                          Date                            Campus Address

__________________________________          ___________            _____________________  
Club/Organization Leader                                           Date                            Campus Address

__________________________________          ___________            _____________________  
Student Program Coordinator                                    Date                            Campus Address

A copy of this document should be sent to SAO and made available to the group upon request. It is also recommended that the officers of the group maintain a copy for their records. Any disagreements arising from this document or the expectations contained within it that cannot be resolved between the group and advisor should be directed to the Student Program Coordinator in the Student Activities Office.