Leadership Training

Club Information Meetings 

Club Information Meetings are an opportunity for the Student Activities Office and Club Coordination Council to assist clubs in planning and marketing events, and to foster opportunities for collaboration. Meetings will last approximately 1 hour and will cover the following agenda items:

  • Guidelines and suggestions for planning events
  • Additional funding opportunities from SAO and the Club Coordination Council
  • Suggestions and tips for more efficient and effective programming
  • Election of Club Coordination Council division representatives (Spring CIMs only)

Every club is required to send the two officers to one of the Club Information Meetings offered below. The two officers do not need to attend the same meeting. All club officers are invited to attend! Clubs not represented at one of the meetings could lose their recognition status with the University.

SAO360 Drop-In Training 

Want to know how to best utilize this resource? Join us for drop in training at anytime and you will be a SAO360 pro in no time! Individual or group sessions are also available.

SAO360 Drop-In Training is available anytime any of the Student Activities Office Staff is available. Check out our Office hours and schedule an appointment today! 

Transportation Services Student Vehicle Training

Students driving University vehicles are first required to attend a safe driving class sponsored by the Transportation Services Department. Students need only attend this session once during their time at Notre Dame. Classes are held on Tuesdays at 10:30 am and Thursdays at 3:00pm. If you are unable to attend a class at this time, call Transportation Services to see if an alternate time can be arranged. For information about Driver Training and to request an appointment to attend a session, please call (574) 631-6467 or check their website.