ATLAS (Advanced Training and Leadership Academy for Students) provides officers and members of the over 500+ clubs, halls, and organizations on campus the tools necessary to successfully organize events, train members, and effectively lead their groups. All sessions are free and open to any students! 

ATLAS Passport Prize: Student Groups who have at least two (2) students participate in at least four (4) sessions will be entered to win $100 Prize for their student group account for the Spring Semester. Ten (10) groups will be selected to receive the ATLAS Passport Prize each year.

ATLAS Training Sessions

There are no scheduled ATLAS training sessions currently scheduled for Spring 2022. More details for Fall 2022 training sessions will be available at the beginning of that semester, please check back then for more information. Below you will find details of some the Fall 2021 ATLAS training sessions schedule for your reference. 

Money Talks: Financial Literacy for Undergraduate Groups
Let’s get together and make some cents! Every student group manages money in some way and we want you to feel confident when navigating our processes. Come learn from the money experts of how to fundraise, make deposits, solicit donations, request reimbursements, make group purchases, and ways to keep your money safe and growing. 

The Power & Potential of Social Media 
Let’s get connected! Social media is an incredible tool to connect with the Fighting Irish community, promote your events, and share with the world the amazing things your student group is doing. Join us to learn some tips, tools, and strategies that will help you improve your digital presence while having fun working in your student group. 

Traditions & Transitions (via Zoom)
Get ahead and plan ahead! The most successful student clubs and organizations implement Officer Transition programs at varying levels. In order to be most effective, group officer terms should provide at least one month of overlap so that new officers have the opportunity to work closely with outgoing officers in order to understand the roles and responsibilities of their respective leadership positions. Join in on the current best practices to effectively build your group’s transition program!

So, You Wanna Be a Programmer? (via Zoom)
“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” -Abraham Lincoln. Is your student group planning a program or event? Get some helpful tips and tricks on how to be a successful programmer. Learn how “sharpening” your axe can be helpful for you in the future when it comes to event planning.