Club Status

Maintaining Club Status

To maintain club status, clubs must consider the following policies:

Probation or Suspension of Clubs
Any club found in violation of du Lac or University regulations as established by Student Affairs and Student Activities or rules of Student Senate and the CCC shall be considered for probation or suspension. The final decision for probation or suspension shall be made by the director of Student Activities, Programming. Any violation not directly involving Student Activities shall be considered by the Student Ethics Committee upon recommendation by the CCC.

Inactive and Defunct Club Policy
A club shall be considered inactive or defunct according to the following:

  1. If no registration paperwork is submitted to the Student Activities Office during the spring semester, the club is considered inactive. If a club fails to submit registration forms for two consecutive spring semesters, the club will be considered defunct.
  2. No advisor or club officers as contacts for the club.
  3. No activity during the academic year.
  4. Failure to attend Club Information Meetings at the beginning of each semester.

Once a club is considered defunct by the Club Coordination Council or the Student Activities Office, immediate suspension and revocation of funding shall be enacted.

All active clubs should have a constitution on file with the Student Activities Office that is no later than 5 years old. For a copy of your club's constitution, please contact the Student Activities Office.