SAO360 Basics

SAO360 is an all-inclusive online system that connects student leaders of ND clubs and organizations with the people and departments that approve student group events and activities. To use the system, students simply log-in and submit a request. SAO360 is used by student group leaders to request approvals for all of the following:

  • Facility and Outdoor Grounds reservations
  • Food Service Approvals
  • Imprinting Merchandise Approvals
  • Fundraising Approvals
  • Solicitation Approvals
  • Petition Approvals
  • Student Group Travel and Transportation Approvals
  • Concession Stand Approvals
  • Dance Approvals
  • Requests for Table Tent and Dining Hall Table Promotional Space
  • ... and more

Submitted requests are automatically routed to the Club Advisor for first approval, then to a member of the Student Activities Office staff known in the system as the Activity Liaison. The Activity Liaison identifies other departmental contacts that will review and approve the request. Once a request is fully approved by all departmental contacts selected, the request is considered fully approved.

Accessing SAO360

  • All users may click here to log-in to SAO360.
  • Students have access to SAO360 to submit a request on behalf of a student group. Students should log-in using their own personal netID and password. The student user role is referred to as the Event Coordinator in the SAO360 system.
  • Student Groups may log-in to SAO360 using the student group netID and password. This log-in will provide access to the a read-only version of the group's SAO360 request archive, including pending requests.
  • Advisors who log-in to the system will have access to view and approve any request submitted on behalf of the group or groups they advise.
  • Departmental Contacts will have access to view and approve any request assigned to their role.

Tips for SAO360

  • Save emails you received that confirm your event’s approval. These may be necessary for reimbursements or proof of a facility reservation.
  • Pay attention to emails that say “A Comment has been submitted!” in the subject line. You may have been asked to respond to a question or complete an action before approval of the request.
  • SAO360 requests should be submitted AND approved by your advisor/Rector no less than 5 business days before the event, to ensure ample time to attend to contracts, waivers, arrangements and other details. Best efforts will be exercised to process SAO360 requests received by the SAO less than 5 business days before the event, but it may not be possible to make the necessary arrangements.
  • Check the status of your event request 4-5 days before the event to ensure your advisor/Rector has approved the request, and the appropriate people have reviewed your request. Follow up on pending questions that have not been answered.
  • Once an event or module has been completed or confirmed, any changes must be emailed to your Activity Liaison for approval. Find your Activity Liaison here.