Graduate Club Accounting & Funding

Unlike undergraduate organizations/clubs, graduate organizations/clubs do not have the availability of the services of the student union treasurer's office for bookkeeping procedures, and therefore, their accounting needs must be managed by the club officers and advisor. The following procedures apply only to graduate organizations/clubs (all undergraduate groups must use the student union treasurer's office). MBA and law school organizations/clubs should speak with their appropriate contacts (see below) for guidance on club accounting matters.
MBA Clubs - Mary Goss, MBA Program
Law Clubs - Peter Horvath, Eck Law School


Checks are used to pay individuals or companies for services rendered when an exact amount of money is involved. Checks are also used to reimburse group members for expenses they paid for themselves. In order to cut a check from your University account, complete a check/cash requisition, attach original, itemized receipts (charge slips will not be accepted as itemized receipts) or invoices, and submit to general accounting (836 Grace Hall). Please note that checks take seven to ten days to process. Checks made out to individuals who are not affiliated with the University (guest lecturers, etc.) will also require an individual payment for services form to be completed and routed through Human Resources (these checks may take longer to process). If you decide to pick up the check, it will be available in accounts
payable (725 Grace Hall). Also, please be aware that your advisor must approve all check requisitions (don’t forget to have your advisor/rector sign the requisition).

Purchase Orders

If you are purchasing items from a vendor off-campus which will involve a variable cost, we suggest using a purchase order (PO). Please see your advisor regarding the BuyND purchase order system.

Cash Advances

If you require a cash advance (cash box for an event, etc.), complete a check/cash requisition and take it to general accounting (836 Grace Hall). After general accounting approves the form, you will be directed to the Notre Dame Federal Credit Union (basement, LaFortune) where you will give them the form. Please make sure you specifically request what types of bills and coins you need. All money advanced to your club must be redeposited to the cashier within two days after the event.

If you need start up cash for a concession stand, complete an Event Cash Advance form and turn into Deb Acrey in the Student Union Bookkeeper's Office in 314C LaFortune. Working with the bookkeeper for cash advances will only happen with concession stands.

Direct Charges

On-campus expenditures can be charged directly to your University account. This includes FedEx Office, Bookstore, Catering by Design, Huddle, Subway, Morris Inn, Anthony Travel, etc. The amount of the charge will most likely be deducted from your University account by the end of the month. Note: This only applies to Notre Dame departments and offices. You cannot use a direct charge off-campus.


In order to deposit money into your University account, complete a deposit slip, make an extra copy, and take it to the Notre Dame Federal Credit Union for deposit. Please be aware that you must submit two copies of the deposit slip (one will be processed, and one will be stamped and returned for the club’s records). Note: If you are depositing more than two checks, an adding machine tape of the check amounts must be included. Deposits are handled immediately
and recorded within three business days. All checks must be stamped for endorsement before depositing.

Inter-Departmental Charges

When you hold events, you can pay for expenses to other departments (or clubs) by completing a standard charge form. The form must be signed by your advisor in the departmental approval section. After completing the form, send it to general accounting (836 Grace Hall).

Individual Payment for Services

This form is used to pay an individual for services rendered who is not an ND student and does not have a federal tax identification number. An example of this is an off-campus DJ you are paying directly.