All club have an account that resides with the University Accounting System. All club accounts must reside with the University Accounting system, and managed through the Bookkeeper's Office. Clubs may not have off-campus banking accounts. Group accounts are called FOAPAL Accounts. All clubs have a FOAPAL number that will look like 823XXX-59015-xxxxx-90000. The first three X's are specific to your club. The next five x's change based on the type of transaction. Use this guide to decide which codes you should use when using your account.. For more on what FOAPAL means, go to the FMB Guide to FOAPAL.

Clubs may use their FOAPAL accounts to charge purchases for events. Below are the ways your club can use its FOAPAL account. For questions regarding your account, including what your balance is, contact Deb Acrey, the Student Union Bookkeeper, in 314C LaFortune Student Center.

When Can I Charge Things to My Club's Account?

A student may not charge purchases to the University or any University budget account without proper approval. This approval is obtained with an approved SAO360 request. Any charge incurred without this authorization is the responsibility of the student, who alone is liable for the payment.

Which Payment Method Should I Use?

If planned in advance, almost all of your organization/club’s financial transactions can be accomplished without club members having to pay their own money up front. The following are some frequently made expenditures, and how to obtain payment:

  • Purchasing food/items for a meeting - Direct Charge On-Campus at The Huddle or Subway.
  • Paying for a hotel room at a conference - Direct Charge On-Campus to Anthony Travel
  • Purchasing airline tickets -Direct Charge On-Campus to Anthony Travel
  • Organization/club luncheons/dinners - Direct Charge On-Campus at Morris Inn, Greenfield’s, Catering by Design, Burger King, Sbarro, or Subway.

Forms of Payment

For more information on other types of payments, click here for the Student Union Treasurer's Office Policies, which include Special Travel Considerations. They also include:


If you have incurred an expense for your organization/club which has been budgeted for, you may apply for a reimbursement by completing an Application For Funds. Only one application is need per person requesting a reimbursement (multiple events and receipts can be included on each application). Reimbursements, outside of permitted extenuating circumstances, must accompanied with an approved SAO360 request. In addition to completing the application, you will also need the following:

  • Original, itemized receipt from vendor/company and credit card receipt
  • Advisor’s signature on receipt
  • If obtaining a reimbursement for an invoice, you will need to submit a cancelled check or credit card statement showing proof that you have paid for the invoice.

Please be aware that checks take approximately seven to ten days to process.


Checks are usually used when paying a speaker or act for which there is a contract. Visit the Speakers/Entertainers/Instructors page for information on how to complete a contract and how to pay using a check.

Direct Charges On-Campus

Any on-campus expenditure can be charged directly to your account number. This includes Anthony Travel, Inc., Bookstore, Catering, Fedex Kinkos, Dining Halls, Educational Media, General Services, OIT, The Huddle, Reckers and Student Activities. This way an individual won't have to pay with his/her own money.

Direct Charges Off-Campus

We offer special off-campus charge requisitions for Gordon Food Service/GFS and Martin's Supermarket (State Road 23 only). Stop by 314C LaFortune with a list of the items you plan to purchase and an approximate total cost. It is important
to estimate accurately since your club/organization will not be allowed to exceed the amount specified on the purchase requisition.

Interdepartmental Transfers

These are done when two university clubs/organizations or a department needs to pay one another. Our office will simply process a Journal Entry and transfer the funds between accounts. You will need to know both your account number and that of the club/organization/department you will be paying. This can be done through by emailing Deb Acrey.

Event Cash Advance

Event Cash Advance forms are available outside 314C LaFortune or on the Financial Management Board website. An event cash advance is only for making change; it cannot be used for making purchases. A cash advance must be re-deposited within two business days after the event to the NDFCU.

Depositing Money 

Directions to deposit funds are located in 314 LaFortune in the Club Resource Center. You can find instructions, deposit forms, deposit bags, and a sample deposit form at the literature rack. Dues (along with any other money collected) should be deposited in to the club account immediately. DO NOT KEEP MONEY IN YOUR ROOM! Clubs have lost money by not depositing right away! Deposit funds nightly, especially for fundraisers that occur multiple nights. If a deposit is completed incorrectly, you and/or your advisor will be contacted.

Annual dues must be deposited by March 1st (or by Fall Break for dues collected once per semester) to be eligible for allocation of Student Activity Fees from the Club Coordination Council.


Clubs are NOT permitted to make donations with Student Activity Fees. However, a club/organization may sponsor a fundraising event for the purpose of raising money for contributions. Only net profits may be used for contributions. In this case a SAO360 form would need to be completed and approved by Student Activities. Be sure to fill out the Request for Charitable Contribution by the University form in 314 LaFortune when the money to be donated has been collected.


Any tangible gift over $90 is considered taxable income, therefore a name and NetID would need to be obtained or a name and social security number for someone outside of the university. For any gift card the name and NetID and name and social security number for someone outside the university would need to be obtained.

Ticket Sales and Promotion of Activities

Ticket sales or the promotion of activities may be done in the dining hall lobbies and in LaFortune Student Center. Permission must be obtained in advance from the Student Activities Office through an SAO360 request and, for the dining halls, through Food Services. Tickets may be sold through the LaFortune Student Center Information Desk and Box Office. This service is provided for all departments, residence facilities, and recognized student organizations/clubs. For each sale, a Box Office Ticket Sales Agreement must be completed. This agreement can be found in the CRC on the 3rd floor of LaFortune in the literature rack.