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Prospective Club Information
There are more than 400 recognized clubs
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New Club Orientation Program

In order to provide newly recognized clubs with the proper training and education, the Student Activities Office has created a New Club Orientation Program for undergraduate clubs. All clubs are required to complete the orientation program within the first two full months of the academic calendar after the club was recognized.  For the Academic Year 2016-2017, contact your Activities Liaison in the SAO, Mia James, with any questions.

Meet with Club Advisor.

  1. Discuss the role of the advisor.
  2. Complete and review The Role of the Advisor activity to Student Activities (can be found in The Source).

Meet with "Related Area" Office(s) (i.e. RecSports, CSC, MSPS).

  1. Review recognition stipulations.
  2. Review services/support offered by the office.

Meet with respective Club Coordination Council (CCC) Division Chair, located in 314 LaFortune Student Center.

  1. Review the role of the CCC.
  2. Review the composition of the division.

Meet with Bookkeeper in Student Union Treasurer's Office, located in 314 LaFortune Student Center.

  1. Receive account number.
  2. Review standard accounting procedures.
  3. Receive printout of account balance.

New Club Probation Terms

Upon approval from the Student Activities Office and Club Coordination Council, (CCC) undergraduate clubs will enter into a one-year probationary period from when they are approved to approximately a year later (actual timeline will be communicated by the CCC once approved). Graduate clubs will also be probationary for their first year, but will not undergo the following guidelines.

Clubs will:

Clubs will have the ability to:

Clubs must:

_____ Allocation Process

_____ Events & Event Reviews

_____ Club Reports

_____ Club Information Meetings

_____ Alternative Funding

_____ Fundraising

_____ Dues

_____ Guidelines

_____ Meet all SAO and CCC deadlines to maintain eligibility status.


Final Review

At the conclusion of the probationary year, each club will go through a final review process for determination of status.

1. Clubs must:

2. The CCC will review club status and decide on one of the following options:

3. Final Decision by CCC (if approved, the club will be eligible to apply for any funds from CCC).
4. Club is notified of decision.
5. If denied club status by the CCC, clubs may appeal the decision to the chair of the CCC division under which they were reviewed.



Questions regarding the new club orientation program should be directed to the Student Activities Office.