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SAO360 updates, advice, information, etc. (as of 4/1/14)
As of 1pm, April 1, all systems are in working order. Thx for your patience.
Good news! The source of the SAO360 glitch has been solved. Turned out that we hit 100K instance of the facilities module, and the module needs to be reset. Our developers are working on the reset currently. Many thanks for your patience! (4/1/14)

There is a reported glitch regarding the Facilites Module reported 7 pm on 3/31. If you are trying to reserve a venue before it is fixed, you are encouraged to use the dance module to reserve the space. For those questions which do not apply, please signify by denoting n/a.

f you are having trouble uploading a file, please double check the file extention. SAO360 was developed to accept .pdf or .doc attachmetns. If you need help converting to .doc, please let us know. (3/26/14)

Recently, there are some reported incidents of files which were attached to your event registration not downloading as expected. If this happens to you, please contact us at 574-631-7308 or via email and we'll deliver the information in another matter. (3/28/14)

SAO staffers are avaiable to assist you to with completing the registration form. Just stop by our office in 315 LaFortune and we will be glad to help you.

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