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The Spring 2016 dates are closed. Please return to this site later for AY 16-17 dates.

There are more than 420 recognized clubs and organizations at Notre Dame. Not finding
a group that matches your interests? All of the details you need for submitting a prospective club proposal can be found here.

Before you begin, please consider all of the information provided below. Submitting a complete proposal for a new club is not an overnight process. The information below includes details regarding required paperwork and meetings. All of the information submitted in association with your proposal will be closely reviewed.

All Club Proposals

Step 1: Submit the Prospective Club Proposal Form.

Step 2. Schedule a meeting with Peggy Hnatusko, Director of Student Activities.

Step 2: Bring prepared required materials to the meeting with Peggy Hnatusko

  • Identify Officers and Advisor
  • Develop constitution
  • Develop tenative budget and events
  • Meet with Departments required for support

Step 3: Submit Prospective Club Proposal Packet by the deadline listed above:

Step 4: Second Proposal Submission Meeting (If needed)

Graduate Club Proposals

The process to propose a new graduate club is the same as it is for undergraduate clubs with two exceptions:

  • Proposed graduate clubs will not have any affiliation with the Club Coordination Council throughout the probationary year. Instead, graduate clubs will be working closely with their respective governing organization and the Assistant Director of Student Activities.

  • Proposed graduate clubs will not receive any funding from the Club Coordination Council. Whether or not graduate clubs receive funding is up to their particular governing organization. Proposed graduate clubs are still welcome to contact the Club Coordination Council for budget and event planning assistance and guidance.

Prospective Club Proposal Periods
There are two times each year when students may propose a new club. In both the fall and spring, the proposal period will open on the fourth Tuesday of the semester and end three Tuesdays following. The approval process can take a while; prospective clubs may not be approved in the same semester during which they were proposed.

Prospective Club Proposal Periods
2015 - 2016 Academic Year

September 15 - October 6, 2015
February 9 - March 1, 2016

Club Officers and Membership

Club Budget, Accounting, and Membership Dues

Step 1: Submit Prospective Club Proposal Form
The main contact for this club should the complete the Prospective Club Proposal Form. The form will be available only during the Prospective Club Proposal Period. This form will be placed in the proposal packet once received. You do not need to print a copy yourself.

Step 2: Prepare Required Materials
The documents required for a complete proposal are outlined in Step 3. You will need to identify and meet with officers, an advisor, and departmental support, and create a constitution, tentative events, and a tentative budget. Give yourself enough time to prepare these materials and schedule meetings.

Contact the Student Activities Office (574-631-7308) to set-up a preliminary appointment with Peggy Hnatusko, Director. Your Prospective Club Proposal Form will be reviewed at this meeting and preliminary questions about the club proposal process will be answered. This preliminary meeting is not required, but it is strongly recommended.

Step 3: Submit Prospective Club Proposal Packet
A complete packet must be submitted to the Student Activities Office within the new club proposal period in order to be considered. The packet must include each of the following documents. Samples and suggestions for completing the documents are available here.

Step 4: Proposal Submission Meeting
When you have completed and collected all of these items, you must schedule a meeting with Peggy Hnatusko, Director in order to review the complete proposal packet. Contact the Student Activities Office at 574-631-7308 to schedule the meeting. Incomplete proposals will not be accepted. After you submit a complete proposal packet, you may be notified if any additional revisions to materials are required. Complete proposals will be reviewed by Peggy Hnatusko, Director of Student Activities for Programming.

Approval Process
Proposed clubs which meet University stipulations for recognition will continue through the process as follows:

  1. The Club Coordination Council (CCC) is notified that the club meets University stipulations so that the CCC can review the club and place the club in a division.
  2. If the CCC determines that an existing group already fulfills the purpose of the prospective club, a reevaluation with the SAO occurs. The CCC will evaluate potential club Constitutions, Purpose Statements, suggested major events, and intended audience/constituency on campus and compare these with existing clubs in their determination.
  3. If the CCC determines that the club is not justified or warranted (for example: the group does not need club recognition to serve its purpose), a reevaluation with the SAO occurs.
  4. The CCC notifies the SAO of the club's placement within a division. The SAO notifies club officers and advisors of approval for probationary status by letter. The CCC is copied on the letter. An account with the Student Union Treasurer's Office will be set up and a netID for the group will be requested.
  5. The terms and expectations of new club probationary status are outlined here.